Friday, April 8, 2011

What a splendid 12pm dawdle!

Today started as a still, golden and hushed morning in Stonerhwaite.The only sounds being the gurgle of the nearby Stonethwaite Beck, the Mehhhhhhh! of ewes calling their new-born lambs and a rather over-proud cock crowing in the front garden of a cottage a hundred yards away. Think on that if you were on the tube this morning. I encourage you to do a reality check, and do it now.

Mr. Wainwright might have been a bit wide of the mark on occasion, though I'm growing to respect his aim. Today he was spot on. The walk along the Stonethwaite Beck out of Borrowdale was 'a walk in heaven'.

A gentle climb up the valley to Stonethwaite Fell then steeply onward to reach Lining Crag (500m) and Greenup Edge (630m). Downward onto and across the squishy bogs that give birth to Wythburn Tarn then choice time again! Big-Boy route over Calf Crag and then a ridge walk down to Helm Crag or a low level alternative! Sunny still day! Not in a hurry! Guess which?

So here's the pics from a glorious day that gave me sunburn in Cumbria in April! Yes really!

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