Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 2 : Lakeland nearly killed me!

Wow! Stupendous views but what a hard day! Seriously up and down some big mountains

Cleared Red Pike (755m), High Stile (806m), High Crag(744m), Seat (561m), Hay Stacks (597m), Green Crag (528m) and Great Round How (554m) before starting downhill (and then often uphill as well!) on a dismantled tramway to Honister Pass from where more gentle paths lead down to Longthwaite and hence Stonethwaite where I stayed in the wonderful Langstrath Country Inn. A true gem of a place.

Here's some photos. I'm standing on top of Hay Stacks at 600m. Great!

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  1. wow honey!!! that is crazy!! your leggy lumps must be begging to stop!obi