Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 7 : Complete

Nine Standards Rigg in the distance

Closer up

Me at Nine Standards Rigg

Brrrrrrr! The day started chilly and was downright freezing on top of the hills. The wind was really bighting. for the first time I had to wear both my trusty fleece and my waterproof top to block the wind. And I was mostly none too warm!

The trek up to Nine Standards Rigg is a couple of miles of fairly relentless uphill, first up a lane, then later a mountain track. they are certainly s weird feature to have placed on the top of a hill! I don't think their origin or purpose is really known for sure.

From there the path was across the fell which was boggy in places. And yes I did get stuck! Up to the left knee in the black grime with my right foot getting increasingly stuck. It's amazing how easy and quick it is to accidentally trample a leg into a bog and how very firmly it hangs on to you once your stuck! fortunately I had done my boots up good and tight before setting out so they stayed on as I heaved my legs free. Not a lover of walking through bogs!

Great views as the path led down into Swaledale and a final mile on the road to arrive in tiny Keld.

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