Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hike : Sat 2nd April 2011 : London Loop from Croydon to Coulsdon Station via the Fox 21km

Croydon, Forestdale, Selsdon Wood, Warlingham, Riddlesdown, Whyteleaf,  Kenley, Kenley Aerodrome, Old Coulsdon, Coulsdon Common, The Fox (lunch!), Happy Valley, Farthing Downs, Coulsdon

One last stretch of the legs before packing my bags and heading off on the Coast-To-Coast. Obi came along for some fresh air too. It seemed like a good enough excuse to end up in the The Fox having lunch! Why not!

Spring is definitely here now! It seems to have crept in while we were all at work and brought everything to life. Since I've been doing all these weekend walks I've really noticed how things change week by week. Anther five days behind the desk at work and you find a patch of daffodils that was in full bloom last weekend have all finished and dried up this weekend. A woodland that was bare last week is carpeted with little white flowers and violates this week. Bare branches now bursting with vibrant fresh green leaves. There were butterflies out and about this week for the first time. Walking much the same route repeatedly really makes the differences apparent. And a deep affection for these places starts to grow as you see them gently morph from one state to another. 

Here's some photos.

A flowering cherry tree which was bare only a short time ago.

Forthythia and Magnolia all doing their thing.

And here's a slow-worm that I stepped over without seeing until Obi pointed it out. It was about a foot long.

Lloyd came along for lunch and here's him and Obi waiting for their food to arrive.

And me doing the same!

So that's it! All training walks done! All kit purchased and tried out, though I might splash out on a hiking pole or two this weekend to help my knees on those downhill mountain stretches. Now I just have to pack my bags and get ready to go. One last chaotic day at work and I'm off into the rain, wind, lakes, trees and endless, endless skies. Brilliant!

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