Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 12 : complete

Today turned out to be a high level walk along the edge of the moors with continual views over the Vale of Mowbray on one side and the open moorland on the other. Owing to the undulating nature of the edge of the moor, there were many steep climbs up to the tops followed by steep descents. Then repeat! A fantastic day weather-wise. I'm all burned up again! Here's some pics.


  1. So glad the weather has been on your side, it would have been so miserable if it had rained. The weathermen say it's been the warmest April for some years. April is such a good month, I was born in the middle of it!!!! Happy walking tomorrow my lovely. xxxx

  2. burned up again!!! yes, it was lovely here as well yesterday but not enough to burn i dont think. looks really lovely there. looks like you still having fun. xxxx obi